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About Asr Gooyesh Pardaz

ASR Gooyesh Pardaz Co. (AGP), as the first and the only Iranian company specialized in speech technology, was established in 2002 to develop speech processing systems by a team of experts from Sharif University of Technology, with years of experience in the field of language processing. As the leading pioneer in speech processing technology for Persian language, AGP has successfully developed various applications and solutions for speech processing and recognition.
Our company has developed continuous/isolated speech recognition engines in Persian and English to expand various productions and solutions such as voice dictation system, speech-enabled telephony systems, keyword spotting, voice commands, speaker recognition, and text-to-speech. AGP, as the leading provider in speech-based systems for Persian, has developed various products mostly as the first of its kind and as exclusive product of AGP.

Designated AGP products:

  • Nevisa: The first Persian speech dictation system
  • Niusha: The first intelligent speech-based Interactive Voice Response system
  • Ariana: Persian text to speech system with natural voice
  • Shenasa: Speaker recognition (identification/verification) system
  • Jooya: A system for word search in speech signal (keyword spotting)
  • Poosha: A system for hiding information in images (steganography)
  • Padida: A system for detecting steganography in images
  • Parsia: Speech to speech translation (Persian to English/Arabic)
  • NevisYar: The first intelligent Persian typing system
  • Kara: Voice command recognition

Today, the company has an integrated group of professional and experienced staff with successful history of research in product development. In addition to offering numerous products in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Persian and English speech, and image processing, we are able to carry out customized projects, provide effective consultations, and offer valuable services in various areas.


Fields of activity:

  • Smart software development in the field of speech processing
  • Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition
  • Speech processing technology in audio and video
  • Speech recognition and dictation (speech to text technology)
  • Speech synthesis and text reader (text to speech technology)
  • Speaker detection by voice
  • Natural language processing
  • Speech quality enhancement
  • Speech and script database development
  • Design, development and customer support for practical applications in the field
  • Interactive voice response systems with built-in speech detection
  • Telephony systems based on Voice over IP (Asterisk, Elastix, etc.)
  • Programming on microcomputers and handheld devices (DSP, mobile phones, etc.)

Considering the innovations taken place at the company, AGP has not only published several articles in national and international journals and conferences but also has received various awards and certificates.

Certificates and awards

History of events

Asr Gooyesh Pardaz

July 11

Begin of Persian Speech Recognition Project.

July 31

Starting Asr Gooyesh Pardaz Company

July 23

introducing Nevisyar; Intelligent Typing Assistant.

July 31

introducing Parsia; Persian to English Voice Translator.

July 31

Patented 3 National Inventions in Persian Speech Recognition.

August 31

First Release of Nevisa Persian Dictation Software.

November 22

Introducing Medical Edition of Nevisa Persian Dictation.

April 28

National Award for Nevisa at 4th Sheikh Bahai Technopreneurship Festival.

July 31

Introducing Legal Edition of Nevisa Persian Dictation.

November 30

Starting Shenasa Speaker Recognition Project.

November 30

Release of Ariana Persian Text to Speech Software.

September 23

Ariana Received Appreciation Letter from National Festival of Digital Media.

October 31

Poosha & Padida: Image Steganography & Analysis

January 15

Launching Farsi Voice Enabled Telephone Bank

July 15

Introducing Kara Voice Command and Control for Windows

October 13

Introducing Nevisa 2.0

January 15

Introducing Jooya: Keyword Spotting

June 17

Introducing Nevisa Ultimate

September 11

Acquiring Knowledge-base Certificate For Products

September 16

Customizing Ariana TTS For Huawei Co.

November 16

Launching FarsiVoip E-Shop For Voip Products

December 16

Introducing Nevisa 3.0

June 15

Introducing Nevisa File for Converting Audio Files to Text

August 16

Introducing Nevisa Live Online Dictation

December 16

Ariana TTS API for Programmers

February 14

Introducing Shenasa SI/SV API for Programmers

May 14

Launching AGP Online Magazine on AI News

June 14

Launching Ariana Cloud TTS

August 15

Introducing Islamic Voice Dictation

December 15

Introducing Ariana TTS Bot on Telegram

June 15

Introducing Ariana TTS Module for Making Website Talk

September 18

Introducing iNevisa: Farsi Dictation for iPhone

December 16

Introducing Voice-Enabled Auto Attendant on VoIP Systems

January 15

Launching Nevisa for Heart Surgery Reports