Ariana Module: Text to Speech Service

Ariana speech synthesis module is especially developed by AGP for developer and establishments that offer information services, such as interactive voice response phone systems, news agencies and electronic book producers. Ariana’s library is available both as a .net dll and also as a REST API server. Using Ariana’s text to voice API on a windows, you can send your text files to Ariana and receive their corresponding audio files in a fraction of time.

Ariana’s text to speech SDK library allows developers and programmers to easily incorporate text to speech services into their applications. To use this feature, you could simply install Ariana on your server and use it offline, or purchase Ariana credit packages and connect to our server and use it as your text to speech module. Please refer to Farsi Reader for more information.

To sample Ariana’s voice you could listen to it via Ariana’s telegram bot or Ariana’s online speech.

Ariana Service Users: Programmers and Developers of Telephone and Software Systems in Companies and Organizations


Distinguished Features

  • Speech synthesis Web API service supporting Web Socket and REST protocols
  • Speech synthesis .net dll module
  • Persian speech synthesis in a natural voice
  • High speed in converting text to voice
  • Expandable vocabulary base
  • Able to pronounce numbers by text in numerical or alphabetical form
  • Able to store repeatedly used words into cache for faster synthesis
  • Ariana speech synthesis with the ability to choose speaker, speaker’s voice, speed, and frequency
  • Support of all formats including wave, mp3, ogg(opus)
  • High accuracy and speed in recognizing phonetic signs
  • Able to connect to Ariana text to speech system by windows, Linux and smart phones.

Ariana Text to Speech Demo



Easy Practice


Developers can easily connect to Ariana service, send their text files and receive audio translations, only by use of a REST API. Users can also choose and tune the speed of pronunciation, the speaker voice, and frequency. For more information regarding how to purchase and use Ariana services, please refer to:

Credit Packages

Connection Tutorial


Credit-based Usage


To benefit from unlimited use of all Ariana’s features, AGP provides all users with free trial credit after users register and create a user account. You can also purchase further credit as word packages.

To leverage Ariana’s credit packages, select your desired product from our store. After that you need to download the cloud client application and after receiving the connection key (API KEY) from the could service dashboard in our website, you can use your credit to use Ariana.

Register in Ariana

Receive API KEY

Download the cloud client

Ariana Credit Packages


Benefits and Applications

  • High quality and natural output voice
  • Higher flexibility for news agencies and information dispensing establishments
  • Cost effective for producing educational applications
  • Online reading of news and electronic texts
  • Telephony interactive voice response systems
  • Useful for web developers
  • Usable in other applications such as translators, OCR, etc.
  • Reading of messages in phones

Text to Speech in Telephony Systems


Many telephony automatic voice response systems use open-source Asterisk, Elastix, or FreePBX systems. Adding Ariana’s text to voice service into such systems allows for developers to introduce new features for their users. Developing information establishments such as weather reports, news, document follow up, insurance information, stock markets and many others is easily possible by using Ariana’s speech synthesis application.

For more information, please contact our Persian VoIP department.


Transforming Websites into Communicative Entities


Adding speech capabilities into websites such as news and analysis agencies, can be beneficial for a wide variety of customers, on top of disabled users. Many users prefer to listen to a speech, instead of having to read a long and complicated text. Developers can leverage Ariana speech synthesis capabilities for converting website scripts into speech. To view and sample communicative speaking websites developed with the help of Ariana, please refer to the link below and press the “Read” button.

AGD digital magazine


Adding Text to Speech Capabilities to Applications


Using Ariana, developers can easily incorporate speech synthesis services into their applications across all platforms and operating systems. Thus users can easily benefit from Ariana text to speech services in Windows, Linux, Max, iOS, or Android. On top of web-based API, Ariana is also available as a separate package for .net-based applications.


Text to Speech in Information Services


 All telephony systems (IVR, complaint follow up, automatic time teller, stock information, etc.), whether in Windows or Linux, can use Ariana’s voice to convert their text into speech, their database into audio files, and play such files for users upon their request. For such purposes, Ariana leverages REST and WebSocket protocols. All documentations and manuals for connecting products to Ariana will be available for developers, in programming languages such as C# and PHP.


System Requirements

  • 512 Megabytes of free RAM space
  • USB hard lock
  • .net 4.5 or higher framework
  • Windows Visa, 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008 or higher

12 months warranty

Free software update to the latest version of the purchased version

Free update hardware lock if needed

Fixing customer problems online and over

Ariana Module Download


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