Ariana Text to Speech (Book Reader)

ArianaFile Persian speech synthesis system is the best application to help users convert their Persian text into voice, and read them in a natural form. Ariana can synthesize speeches using any form of text, including text documents, electronic books, news websites, electronic mails and etc.

All users can utilize Ariana to hear texts and electronic documents. Ariana has many useful features including speaker selection, speed and frequency tuning, and the ability to pronounce grammatical phenomes and time and date. Ariana generates an audio file from the input text file, which can be extremely helpful for multimedia developers and electronic book providers.

To hear the voice of Ariana, you can refer to Ariana Telegram bot or Ariana’s online speech synthesis system

Ariana File Users : All Peoples including individuals, multimedia builders, Content Generators, Blinds…


Ariana Distinguished Features

  • Natural text to speech
  • High speed in translating text to voice
  • Ability to expand Ariana’s vocabulary database
  • Ability to pronounce phenomes, numbers and grammatical signs
  • Pronunciation of English words by Ariana’s original voice
  • Ariana speech synthesis with the ability to choose speaker, speaker’s voice, speed, and frequency
  • Support of all formats including wave, mp3, ogg(opus)
  • High accuracy and speed in recognizing phonetic signs

Leave your Speaking to Ariana


Ariana speech synthesis system can convert large text files into voice. Therefore, Ariana is a perfect tool for developing electronic audio books or reading news websites. Ariana interface can be used in information dispensing services such as automatic voice response and case follow up services.

Ariana can also easily pronounce English vocabulary, phenomes and unknown words, and user can also add any new vocabulary to Ariana’s database.


Ariana’s Helpful Features

  • Natural speech synthesis
  • Voice synthesis for all including blind-sighted and illiterate users
  • Cost effective for developing educational applications

System Requirements

  • 512 Megabytes of free RAM space
  • USB hard lock
  • .net 4.5 framework
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, or Windows server 2008 or higher operating system

12 months warranty

Free software upgrade to the latest version of the purchased version

Free update hardware lock if needed

Fixing customer problems online and over


نرم افزار آریانا

مبدل متن فارسی به فایل صوتی

متن به گفتار

تبدیل متن به صحبت

سنتز گفتار

نوشتار به صدا

متن خوان

متن به صوت

متن به صدا

خواندن متون فارسی

نوشتار به گفتار

مبدل متن به صوت

نوشتار فارسی به صوت

خواندن متن