NevisaFile: Automatic Translation of Audio Files to Text

NevisaFile is able to convert voices in audio and video files into plain text, using our state-of-the-art speech dictation technology. This application has been developed by AGP as a web-based application to help users transform their audio files into printed document. This application is able to convert audio files into text in a real-time manner with high accuracy. The sophisticated voice dictation technique incorporated in Nevisa allows you to convert any audio file, such as recordings of speeches, lectures, meetings, presentations, letters and technical reports in organizations and establishments.

Nevisa File Users: Individuals, Companies, and Organizations for Typing Files and Audio Archives for Speeches and Sessions


Easy Practice


The web-based interface in NevisaFile allows all users in a group to access NevisaFile simultaneously. NevisaFile supports all audio and video formats, thus allowing users to upload any form of video or voice recording into their account. NevisaFile in turn, returns and shows to users, all text files and additional information such as the time of processing, and the extracted audio files.


Speaker Verification System


In cooperation with another one of our products called Shenasa, NevisaFile is able to extract the identity of speakers based on the form of their voice from audio files. The conversion in this case, will show the name and identity of speaker, before the sentence is written into the file.


NevisaFile Distinguished Features

  • High speed and accuracy in converting audio files into text
  • Ability to process all audio and video files
  • Usable as a web-based application, shared among multiple users

Typing Audio Archives and Session Reports


Typing the conversation in meetings and lectures has become a vital issue for establishments and organization. With NevisaFile, all you need to do is to provide a recording of the meeting, and translate all conversations and speeches into text in no time. This application is web-based and allows simultaneous connection of multiple users. NevisaFile also supports all audio and video formats and can convert any multimedia archive.


For Developers


If you wish to add a speech detection feature to a program of application, you can use Nevisa as a module or service. Nevisa speech to text system, is available both by SDK .net, and also as a web-based service. As well as voice dictation, Nevisa also provides command recognition services (WCF). For more information on prerequisites and how to use such capabilities please visit the link below.


System Requirements

  • Linux operating system
  • Apache HTTP server
  • USB Dongle
  • 24 Gigabytes of RAM space

12 months warranty

Free software update to the latest version of the purchased version

Free update hardware lock if needed

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