Nevisa: Persian Voice Dictation Software

Using this package, you do not need to type by keyboards, just talk to microphone and Nevisa converts it to text. The sophisticated technology used in Nevisa enables users to use it for typing any kind of text, regardless of the context. Examples include writing personal diary, letter and technical report typing for formal and informal purposes, and personal memos.

Nevisa users: All individuals including regular people, writers, staff, professors, managers, …


Nevisa’s Prominent Features

  • High accuracy and speed in speech dictation
  • Incorporated in all windows programs
  • Usable as a stand-alone software or Network-based
  • Able to type numbers in numerical or alphabetical form
  • Able to type all grammatical signs by voice
  • Translation of audio files to text
  • Expandable data base, able to add English or Arabic vocabulary
  • Smart accent learning system
  • Dedicated Nevisa text editor
  • Support of voice commands
  • Chat history

Suitable for All


Nearly all computer users do typing; managers for writing letters, notes and reports, clerks for preparing organizational and administrative reports, doctors for typing medical reports, lawyers for preparing legal documents, personal users for writing notes, diaries, students for writing papers, theses, notes, etc. An essential problem of most computer users is that they are not proficient in typing. As a result, manual typing turns into a time-consuming hassle. Thanks to the improvements in speech recognition technology, this concern has been resolved to a large extent. Nevisa has been developed for special-purpose occupations, such as medical for doctors, legal for lawyers, and the Islamic version for Islamic researchers.

Introducing Nevisa Versions


Nevisa Ultimate


The comprehensive version of Persian speech dictation, Nevisa for all, has been developed to cover a wide area of needs in typing. Nevisa for all contains a large vocabulary, formal and informal, that can be leveraged to type text. As well as a powerful tool for corporations and organizations, Nevisa can also be a suitable aid for writers, script writers, novel writers and so on. Nevisa can also be used to translate lectures and talks -incorporating informal speech- into manuscripts.


Nevisa Professional


The Professional version incorporates all features of Nevisa Ultimate, but does not support informal speech and includes 6 months of free customer support. This version is suitable for most users, especially teachers and professors, students and writers.


Nevisa Advanced


This version contains a smaller vocabulary compared to the Professional version, and does not incorporate the use of some specific terms. The Advanced version is suitable for personal use, and voice dictation of general terms.


Typing, Made as Easy as Talking


Typing is no longer an arduous task, even if you don’t have any experience of working with Persian keyboard. You only need to pick of the mic, open Nevisa, and speak. Nevisa will translate your voice into text. Your text is prepared as you talk, and is simultaneously spell- and grammar-checked.

Nevisa Prices


Revolutionize Your Company with Network-based Nevisa


Not only can Nevisa be installed independently on personal computers and tablets, but it can also be installed in a net of computers. Users data is stored in a centralized database and users can access their profile via any net-capable device. Nevisa is also economical, because any number of devices can be connected to Nevisa’s database, as long as the number of simultaneous users does not exceed the number of purchased licenses.

Which versions are Network-based capable?


Type Any Text by Voice


It makes no difference for Nevisa speech dictations program what the user is talking about. Nevisa detects your voice, and translates your speech into text. Nevisa types your voice in any field, including but not limited to general, news, sports, social and etc. Nevisa incorporates a vast vocabulary base, thus you can use any Persian or English phrase in your speech. Dedicated versions of Nevisa in the field of medical, legal and Islamic are also available.

Legal Edition

Medical Edition

Islamic Edition


Convert Audio Files to Text


The Ultimate, Professional and Advanced editions of Nevisa are all capable of translating your audio files and documents into text, in less time than it takes to play the audio file. When you do not have Nevisa available in a nearby PC or tablet, all you need to do is record your voice. Nevisa can take care of translating your recordings into text at a later time.


Save Time


Leveraging Nevisa speech dictation system you can increase your typing speed by 3 times. Type your technical reports in a fraction of time, send emails, search in the internet, and fill forms, all by only speaking. The high accuracy and speed in speech recognition means you rarely need to use your keyboard.


Write Down Your Ideas as Quickly as Possible


Many people are always in a hurry to write down their fleeting ideas. Story and novel writes want to quickly write down their ideas, while business managers and employees need to makes notes, write emails and plans. Even typists who do this as a professional job, could benefit from enhanced speed in typing. Nevisa helps all these people save time and do their job more efficiently. Nevisa speech dictation systems helps you to increase your typing speed, just by talking into a microphone, to over 100 words a minute.


Nevisa Can Help You!


In order to type with Nevisa all you need is a microphone suitable for speech recognition. Thus people who are not able to use keyboards for any reason such as physical disability or irritation, can easily translate their speech to text by Nevisa. For ease of use in computers, you can also control many programs and applications only through voice commands that are translated by Nevisa and conveyed to applications. You can also perform various tasks in text editors just by speaking.


Add Your Desired Words


The vocabulary bank varies with different editions of Nevisa. Considering the field in which you are typing, Nevisa might lack in some specific terms. In this case, you can easily add your designated words into Nevisa, along with their various pronunciation forms. Such words can be in Persian, English or a combination of both. After introducing such vocabulary to your version of Nevisa, you can pronounce them to easily bring them on paper. This feature also allows you to expand you Nevisa just as the Persian language expands, and add any new words into it.


Higher Efficiency – Less Expenses

  • Encourage employees to document their work just by speaking
  • Reducing workload and increasing work force
  • Reducing labor cost
  • Reducing response time for customers in companies and organizations
  • Focusing on the objective, instead of focusing on typing
  • Increased security

Earn Money Like a Professional Typist


You can use Persian speech dictation programs to earn money. You can manage type orders at home and send the results to your customers. As you can use Nevisa at any time of the day, you will have unlimited opportunities and can increase your efficiency to the max. Additionally, Nevisa’s vocabulary base is verified by official Persian dictionaries, your end result will benefit from a high quality.


Reduce Your Paper Trail by Voice Dictation


The introduction of automation into factories and companies in order to facilitate communication and eliminate paper work, has made managers and executive members to personally document their ventures and transactions. However, lack of expertise in this area and limited time, has made typing an arduous task for them. Nevisa Persian speech dictation program is the key solution to this problem. Nevisa can help such people to type their through on paper only by speaking into the mic.


Typing Proceeding, Session Reports and Lectures


Preparing a manuscript from lectures and meetings has become an important concern for big companies. Using Nevisa, by only providing a recording of the session, you can quickly generate the manuscript of the meeting in writing. For generating a manuscript for a session in which multiple people talk at once, you can repeat their sentences into Nevisa one by one, and quickly type the script.
For translating archive of audio files to text, AGP has developed a dedicated application called Nevisa File, which is web-based and can process any audio format.

Learn More


For Developers


If you wish to add a speech detection feature to a program of application, you can use Nevisa as a module or service. Nevisa speech to text system, is available both by SDK .net, and also as a web-based service. As well as voice dictation, Nevisa also provides command recognition services (WCF). For more information on prerequisites and how to use such capabilities please visit the link below.

Nevisa for Developers


We Strongly Support You


Installation and use of Nevisa Persian speech to text application is very simple. AGP has taken the liberty to provide a complete set of tutorial videos and manuals for their users. Any questions or issues can be answered by our customer support team. Nevisa Professional and Advanced editions also include a 6-month free support and the Ultimate, medical, legal and Islamic editions of Nevisa include 12 months of free support.

Customer Support Telephone: +98(21) 6193 1000

Telegram Channel: @nevisasoft


System Requirements:

  • All windows versions are supported.
  • .net 4 framework that is installed along with Nevisa.
  • 512 Mb free Ram space.
  • 512 Mb hard disk space.
  • Audio card.
  • A high-quality microphone for speech dictation.

12 months warranty

Free software update to the latest version of the purchased version

Free update hardware lock if needed

Fixing customer problems online and over

Other versions of Nevisa


Compare different versions of Nevisa 

Jurisprudential texts, religious and ...
150,000 Islamic words
Ability to add unlimited new words
Unlimited installation number
Ability to define unlimited voice profiles
12 months support
Ability to convert audio file to text
Has a networked version
Radiology, MRI, CT and Heart Surgery
120,0000 words
Ability to add unlimited new words
Unlimited installation number
Ability to define unlimited voice profiles
12 months support
Ability to convert audio file to text
Has a networked version
Lawyers, Judges, Courts, Legal Offices and Official Documents
120,0000 words
Ability to add unlimited new words
Unlimited installation number
Ability to define unlimited voice profiles
12 months support
Ability to convert audio file to text
Has a networked version
High-diversity typing, suitable for all individuals and trends
+ 150,000 words
Ability to add unlimited new words
Unlimited installation number
Ability to define unlimited voice profiles
12 months support
Ability to convert audio file to text
Has a networked version
Writers, professors, students, organizations and offices
110,000 words
Ability to add unlimited new words
Unlimited installation number
Ability to define unlimited voice profiles
6 months support
Ability to convert audio file to text
There is no network version
Typing with Low Diversity, Personal Application and Student Articles
75,000 words
Ability to add 1000 new words
Can be installed on 10 systems
Ability to define 10 voice profiles
6 months support
There is no network version


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