Nevisa Speech Dictation (Voice to Text, Islamic Edition)

Nevisa Islamic, a product of AGP allows users to type their text simply by talking into the microphone. Researchers, publishers and Islamic scholars can significantly benefit from the Islamic edition of Nevisa to type their articles in the field of religious sciences. This application is usable in any text editor, and transforms voice into text with high speed and accuracy.

Nevisa Islamic has been developed and trained by processing a large amount of religious and Islamic texts, including Quran and similar texts, and has been brought up to be able to process and generate Islamic text with high speed and accuracy. In addition, the vocabulary database contains a wide variety of Islamic and religious terms and phrases. Users can also add their designated phrases into the vocabulary database.

Nevisa Islamic users: everyone, especially publishers, lecturers and scholars of Islamic sciences, to type religious and Quranic texts

Type as Easy as Your Talk


Typing is no longer an arduous task, even if you don’t have any experience of working with Persian keyboard. You only need to pick of the mic, open Nevisa, and speak. Nevisa will translate your voice into text. Your text is prepared as you talk, and is simultaneously spell- and grammar-checked.

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Distinguished Features

  • High speed and accuracy in voice to text
  • Coverage of Islamic and religious terms and phrases
  • Available in all windows applications
  • Usable as a stand-alone or web-based application
  • Able to speech dictate numbers in numeric or alphabetic form
  • Able to type all grammatical signs by voice
  • Translation of audio files to text
  • Expandable database, able to add Persian, English or Arabic vocabulary
  • Smart accent learning system
  • Dedicated Nevisa text editor
  • Support of voice commands
  • Chat history

Usable as a Web-based Application


As well as being usable in personal computers and tablets, Nevisa can be installed among multiple devices and supported by web-based server. Users data is stored in a centralized database and users can access their profile via any net-capable device. Nevisa is also economical, because any number of devices can be connected to Nevisa’s database, as long as the number of simultaneous users does not exceed the number of purchased licenses.


Suitable for All


All users with a need to type religious texts are able to benefit from Nevisa Islamic to transform their voice into Islamic texts. Religious scholars, preachers, professors, Islamic writers and translators can easily type their articles, books, and reports, only by speaking their mind into the mic.

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Type Audio Files, Lectures and Speeches


Typing what is being said in lectures and talks is a big issue for many people and establishments. Nevisa, has made it possible to convert audio files that have been previously recorded into texts. For typing the recording of a session in which multiple people are talking, all you need to do it to read what each person says one by one into Nevisa, and have the script typed up by Nevisa in no time.

AGP has also developed a special application with the single purpose of translating archives of audio files into text, called NevisaFile. NevisaFile is a web-based application and is capable of translating any audio format.


Easy Installation and Use


You can install Nevisa medical on your desired device with only a few clicks. Installation includes attaching a microphone and tuning of incoming voice, which is performed after installing the application. After that, all you need to do is to open your desired text editor, and speak into the mic. Nevisa processes your voice and simultaneously types it into your editor.

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Add Your Desired Vocabulary


You can easily add any term or phrase into the vocabulary base of Nevisa Islamic. Words can be Persian, English, Arabic or any combination of these languages. After adding the word, users can add different pronunciations for each word into Nevisa Islamic. This feature allows users to introduce any new word once, and use it unlimitedly.


Dedicated Text Editor


Nevisa Persian voice dictation also benefits from a dedicated on-board text editor. NevisPad can type the text as the users speak into Nevisa. NevisPad is also able to anticipate the intended words and also provide the user with a list of synonyms, which make the typing much quicker and easier for users.


Nevisa Customer Support


Installation and use of Nevisa Persian speech to text application is very simple. AGP has taken the liberty to provide a complete set of tutorial videos and manuals for their users. Any questions or issues can be answered by our customer support team. Nevisa Professional and Advanced editions also include a 6-month free support and the Ultimate, Medical, Legal and Islamic editions of Nevisa include 12 months of free support.

Customer Support Telephone: 021 6193 1000

Telegram Channel: @nevisasoft


System Requirements

  • All windows versions are supported.
  • .net 4 framework that is installed along with Nevisa.
  • 512 Mb free Ram space.
  • 512 Mb hard disk space.
  • Audio card.
  • A high-quality microphone for speech dictation.

12 months warranty

Free software update to the latest version of the purchased version

Free update hardware lock if needed

Fixing customer problems online and over

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