Nevisa Speech Dictation, For Developers

Nevisa is the speech to text application developed by AGP that allows users to type only by speaking. The speech dictation service is available as a web API service, as well as a stand-alone windows-based application. The web API service allows users to add the Persian speech dictation service to their desired programs.

Nevisa Service users: programmers and developers of software systems


Nevisa Editions for Developers


If you would like to add speech dictation feature to your desired applications, you can use Nevisa module. Nevisa Persian voice to text is available to you both as a dll .net service, and as a web-based service. On top of speech to text, Nevisa allows for voice commands to be recognized and carried out in applications.


Nevisa speech dictation .net SDK


Nevisa module is based on the various edition of Nevisa speech dictation application (Nevisa comprehensive, legal, medical, and Islamic), and can be used to add all Nevisa features into new programs and applications. This module is available to users as a .net SDK library, and developers can use this module to add Persian speech to text services into their applications. All capabilities of Nevisa such as expanding the vocabulary database, support of any text interface, voice commands, etc., also exist in the Nevisa .net SDK module.

Nevisa speech dictation .net SDK applications
  • Adding the speech to text service into windows
  • Adding the speech to text ability into all windows-based applications
Distinguished Features
  • High accuracy and speed in speech dictation
  • Incorporated in all windows programs
  • Usable as a stand-alone software or web-based
  • Able to type numbers in numerical or alphabetical form
  • Able to type all grammatical signs by voice
  • Translation of audio files to text
  • Expandable data base, able to add English or Arabic vocabulary
  • Smart accent learning system
  • Dedicated Nevisa text editor
  • Support of voice commands
  • Chat history
System Requirements
  • All windows versions are supported.
  • .net 4 framework that is installed along with Nevisa.
  • 512 Mb free Ram space.
  • 512 Mb hard disk space.
  • Audio card.
  • A high-quality microphone for speech dictation.

Nevisa WCF SOAP Voice Command Service


Nevisa is the Persian speech recognition software that can be installed in windows and connect to applications in windows or other systems on the web, and conduct speech dictation services. Software and hardware developers can add voice command recognition services into their applications. Users can also expand the vocabulary database of Nevisa. Nevisa is able to recognize simultaneous voice commands with high accuracy and speed.

Nevisa Voice Command Applications
  • Voice command recognition system for all platforms
  • Speech recognition in telephony systems
  • Voice command for robots, kiosks, home automation systems, etc.
  • Voice command for mobiles and phones
  • Voice command for game applications
  • Speaker recognition for interactive voice response systems
System Requirements
  • Windows operating system
  • .net 4 framework
  • USB dangle

NevisaLive WebSocket Speech Dictation System


NevisaLive speech recognition system is a web-based socket protocol system executed on linux to convert audio into text. Developers can connect to NevisaLive from any platform and conduct speech dictation. NevisaLive has been developed in such a way to be able to support multiple simulations users, and treats each request as a separate tasks.

NevisaLive WebSocket Applications
  • Speech to text for mobile applications
  • Speech dictation in telephony systems
  • Voice dictation services in organizational applications such as accounting and automation
  • Conversion of audio archives into text
  • Speech recognition ability for voice record systems
  • Inscribing the speech in sessions and meetings
  • Search for key words in speeches and lectures
Distinguished Features
  • High accuracy and speed in speech dictation
  • Ability to convert audio files into text
  • Online voice stream processing
  • Able to type numbers in numerical or alphabetical form
System Requirements
  • Linux operating system
  • Apache web server
  • USB dangle
  • 24 Gigabytes of RAM space

We Strongly Support You


If you have trouble installing or using Nevisa Persian speech dictation application, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support hotline.

Telegram Channel: @nevisasoft

Telephone: +98 21 6193 1000

Compare features of different Nevisa libraries

Speech typing server
WebSocket Protocol
Includes large vocabulary bank
Can not add word
Support for multiple simultaneous requests
Ability to convert file to text
Need a strong computer
Can not teach user voice
USB lock
Speech command service
WCF SOAP Protocol
Includes small vocabulary bank
Ability to add a word
Support for multiple simultaneous requests
Can not convert file to text
The need for a light computer
Can not teach user voice
USB lock
Speech typing module
.Net DLL Protocol
Includes large vocabulary bank
Ability to add a word
Lacking support for multiple simultaneous requests
Ability to convert file to text
The need for a moderate computer
Ability to teach the voice of the user
USB lock

12 months warranty

Free software update to the latest version of the purchased version

Free update hardware lock if needed

Fixing customer problems online and over

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