NevisaLive: Online Speech Dictation Application

NevisaLive is the online voice to text conversion system that leverages the latest technology in speech dictation technology and artificial intelligence to translate audio to text online. After installing, this application receives the user’s voice and connects to Nevisa’s server to translate the audio and type the text at the user’s designated site.

NevisaLive is free to install and only charges users by the number of words that are translated using the user’s voice. After creating an account, Nevisa provides all users with 500 free words as a trial version. After that users can purchase NevisaLive’s credit packages. We strongly advise users to consult our customer support team before buying packages.

Download Free iNevisa Online Speech Software for iOS (Apple: iPhone and iPad)


“To download the free version of the Windows version of Speech Writer, contact Live. No. +98(21)61931000.”


Distinguished Features

  • Online speech dictation of formal and informal Persian language
  • High accuracy in speech recognition
  • No need to learn speaker’s voice
  • Type as you talk
  • Immense and comprehensive Persian vocabulary database
  • Support of all text editors, including but not limited to MS Word, forms, organizational automation systems, etc.
  • Able to speech dictate numbers in numeric or alphabetic form
  • Able to type all grammatical signs by voice

How to Register


Users need to create an account at our website, before installing and using NevisaLive speech dictation system. To create an account, please contact our customer support unit at (021) 6193 1000 and receive free credit.

An internet connection is needed to enter and use NevisaLive features. Since user’s voice needs to be conveyed to our servers through the internet, the minimum required speed is estimated at 128 kb/s in order to benefit from our real time conversion feature.


How to Use


If this is your first time using NevisaLive, the system conducts a few steps to establish a connection and verify your voice, and then the home page of NevisaLive is viewed for users. Just by pressing the microphone icon in our website, you can speak and the text will be automatically typed into the text editor. For more information, please refer to NevisaLive tutorial.

After you free trial has expired, you can visit buy NevisaLive’s credit packages to purchase credit.


Save Time


Nevisa speech dictation system can help you increase your typing speed by 3 times. Type your technical reports, write emails, search on the net, fill your forms, and much more just by talking into the microphone. The high speed and accuracy of NevisaLive means users barely need to touch their keyboards.


System Requirements

  • XP or higher Windows operating system
  • .net 4 framework
  • A decent quality microphone
  • Internet connection with a speed of at least 128 kb/s
  • User’s account in AGP website
  • User’s Credit (Increase or purchase credit from NevisaLive’s credit packages)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact (021) 1931 1000 to receive account name and user information

Users who have deactivated their sms services, will not receive our message. Please contact you service provider regarding this issue.

NevisaLive database has been trained using various speech tendencies and accents, and is capable of recognizing you voice regardless of your accent.

If a word is missing from NevisaLive’s database, the system tries to type a similar word into the text editor. Users can ultimately edit their generated text and change words to their desired vocabulary.

A limited amount of popular English words, terms and phrases, such as ATM of AFC, have been incorporated into Nevisa.

12 months warranty

Free software update to the latest version of the purchased version

Free update hardware lock if needed

Fixing customer problems online and over

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