Parsia: Pocket Audio Translator, Language Learning

Parsia is the first Persian text to text translator, developed by AGP, that uses the latest in speech processing technologies to translate the user’s Persian script into English and Arabic, and then convert them to speech. On top of providing users with easy and quick communication in their trips around the world, Parsia can also help them learn English and Arabic.

Parsia Users: Travelers, Tourists and Tutors


Speech to Speech Translator


AGP has developed Parsia to facilitate communication between Persian and English/Arabic speaking users. With the help of this application, and without any prior knowledge of English or Arabic, users can easily communicate with others in foreign countries. For example, they can ask questions regarding breakfast time, shopping center addresses, restaurants or price of items in shops.  After speech recognition, Parsia will translate their request into English or Arabic, and then convert it to audio to be played out loud.

Common phrases and terms have been categorized into 7 primary groups. After choosing their desired group, users can announce related sentences, which will then be translated into English or Arabic to be played for others. Users can also handpick their most often used sentences and phrases.


Learn English


A smart multi-lingual educational application can make learning other languages easy, quick and fun. The educational side of Parsia, incorporate all texts and scripts from the Interchange English instruction books, and will help users learn such books without the help of a teacher.

In order to establish a dialogue, user chooses a sentence, and then reads the English equivalent into the application. Parsia then verifies the sentence, and if there are any, points out the user’s mistakes in that sentence. Additionally, users can switch between English and Persian as the speaking language. Parsia’s English text to speech ability, enables is to become the best smart, do-it-yourself application in the field of English education for Farsi speakers.


Distinguished Features

  • 2-way speech translator
  • Translate Persian to English/Arabic and English to Persian/Arabic
  • Common terms and phrases available in 7 primary groups (general, hotel, phone, shopping, medial, food, and travel).
  • Ability to handpick most common terms and phrases
  • Do-it-yourself English learning
  • Includes three levels of Interchange books
  • Improves listening ability by simultaneous use of text and speech
  • Audio scripts
  • English text to speech to help users learn correct pronunciation
  • English to Persian and Persian to English dictionary
  • Attractive interface with easy accessibility

Parsia Requirements

  • Windows operating system
  • Media player 9 or higher
  • .net 4 framework
  • Audio card
  • High-quality microphone
  • 256 Megabytes of free RAM space
  • 700 Megabytes of free hard disk space

12 months warranty

Free software upgrade to the latest version of the purchased version

Free update hardware lock if needed

Fixing customer problems online and over


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