خانهمحصولVXI TalkPro Xpress

VXI TalkPro Xpress

میکروفون مخصوص تایپ گفتاری


میکروفون بسیار قدرتمند مخصوص تایپ گفتاری زبان فارسی با قابلیت حذف نویزامتیاز تشخیص گفتار (تاییدیه نویسا) = 4.5 از5


VXI Talkpro Xpress Headset



There’s good reason VXi’s next generation VXi TalkPro headsets are the talk of the speech recognition industry. In fact, there are a lot of good reasons. They have a sleek, one-piece look that’s as sophisticated as the technology it houses. The latest VXi noise-canceling microphone technology for accurate audio performance. Wideband audio, for more natural, productivity-boosting sound quality. And the UC models add DSP (digital signal processing) and echo cancellation, ensuring the most precise and clearest audio for speech recognition and IP communications. TalkPro headsets are perfect for contact center and office use too. And for mobile professionals, Skypers and road warriors.

Key Feature

  • Superior quality Gentex noise canceling microphone All day wearing comfort
  • Easy to use: simply plug and play
  • Flexible microphone boom stays in position
  • Left or right side microphone placement
  • Adjustable headband for great fit
  • 270° swivel ear piece and soft cupped ear cushion
  • Durable components for long headset life

System requirements: PC with sound card



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