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ASR Gooyesh Pardaz is a pioneer knowledge-based enterprise offering a wide variety of products in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing. Here at AGP, a distinguished team of professionals from Sharif University of Technology are hard at work to guarantee quality and perfection.

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Speech Recognition

AGP is the first company of its kind to successfully implement a Persian speech to text technology, and to provide various applications based on it, including Nevisa (speech recognition), Nevisa module for developers, Kara (for voice commands), and many more.


Speech Synthesis

Our Ariana text to speech software, with a pure and human-like voice, is capable of generating natural speeches in Persian. Aside from routine functions, Ariana has also become very popular amongst programmers and developers in the field.


Artificial Intelligence

Our sophisticated research team here at AGP have made significant breakthroughs in the field of Signal and Natural Language Processing, including steganography, audio and text synthesis, statistical and grammar model extraction for Persian language, and many more.


Abilities and Services

AGP welcomes any new project proposals and has managed many hardware and software projects in the field of voice and image processing, telephone systems and algorithm transfer to new platforms.

A Smart Choice!

AGP provides sales consultation, installation and after-sales support for their magnificent customer base. Pioneer in development of speech-based technologies in Persian, AGP offers many products in the field of Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, Search by Voice and Speaker Identification.

Academy Asr Gooyesh

Asr gooyesh Academy is the most specialized artificial intelligence academy in the country, which is guided by the scientific support of professors from Sharif University of Technology and Asr gooyesh Knowledge Company.

Asr gooyesh company’s long-standing presence in the production and presentation of artificial intelligence solutions in the country and considering the country’s great need to learn this science, prompted us to activate the specialized artificial intelligence academy.

This academy is trying to present the learning of artificial intelligence in a completely practical and practical way by adopting a creative approach. With years of experience in the field of education, the administrators and professors of Asr gooyesh Academy have drawn the road map for learning this science well so that learners can learn without any worries.


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