Jooya: Keyword Spotting in Speech

The goal of Jooya application is to search for special words or phrases in the speech inside a given audio or video file, and mark them or react in a certain way to let the users know. The ability to search in audio files, similar to search in text, allows for categorization of audio and video files and information extraction.

Monitoring telephone and wireless calls, extracting statistical information from multimedia archives, and speech recognition in dialogs are some of Jooya’s features.

Jooya Users :Individuals, agencies and organizations to search or categorize audio, video, and telephone archives


Using Jooya’s Keyword Spotting


The word and term search engine of Jooya can be used both as a stand-alone application, and also as an extension on other windows-based applications, using .net framework or web socket protocol. Jooya also allows users to add new terms and phrases into its search database. Jooya also supports a wide variety of audio and video formats.


Distinguished Features

  • High accuracy in recognizing keywords
  • Able to live stream and offline search
  • Ability to process several multimedia formats
  • Ability to add or change keywords by user
  • Usable as a SDK module service in other applications

Jooya Applications

  • Information extraction and categorization of audio archives
  • Speech recognition in dialogues and voice commands
  • Information retrieval

12 months warranty

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Free update hardware lock if needed

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