Kara: Voice Command for Applications

Kara Persian voice command recognition application has been developed by AGP to be installed over other programs, and enable such applications to accept and carry out such commands. Windows operating system and many of its applications have various options, features and actions that can be easily selected and carried out by voice commands, with the help of Kara. Finding and executing programs can become much quicker by voice commands.

Kara users: computer users, users of various software

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 (service pack 1 or 2), Visa or 7
  • 1 Gigabytes of free RAM space
  • 500 Megabytes of free hard disk space
  • Microphone

Distinguished Features


Able to expand command database for each specific application


Manage and conduct applications with the help of voice commands


Execute application only by calling their name


High speed and accuracy in speech recognition

Command Your PC

With the help of Kara Persian voice command services, working with windows and its dependent applications has become much easier for the disables, and people with little to no knowledge on how to work with computers, as they can access menus and actions much quicker. For example, users can browse the internet by simply saying phrases such as “connect to the net”, or “internet”, and Kara will open a browser for them. Similarly, users can increase font size in text editors only by saying “larger”. Users can also define their own sets of commands for various applications in windows, and easily use them.

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