Shenasa: Speaker Recognition by Voice

Shenasa is the speaker identification application that can be used in a variety of fields such as security and user access grant, by itself or on top of other security measures. Recognition of a voice among multiple speakers, and verifying the identity of speaker are some of the abilities of this application. Shenasa can be used as a stand-alone windows-based application which includes multiple capabilities, such as audio file processing, microphone voice processing, group creation and many other. Shenasa can also be used as a WCF API service in other systems such as automatic voice response, audio encryption, traffic control, etc.

System Requirements

  • Windows operating system
  • .net framework
  • Support of SOAP protocol for developers
  • 1 Gigabytes of memory (per user)

Distinguished Features


Facilitating Customer

Facilitating customer contact, especially for disabled or the elderly


Speaker recognition

Speaker recognition and increased security in telephony systems


Cost reduction

Cost reduction, due to eliminating the need to prepare pre-recorded voices to play



Usable as a DLL module for developers (WCF SOAP)


Accuracy and Speed

High speed and accuracy in speaker authentication

Shenasa Applications

  • Audio password
  • Access grant by voice, to enter a locked room
  • Roll call by voice
  • Access grant to electronic devices by voice
  • Speaker authentication for telephony services such as phone/mobile banking
  • Recognition of criminal by voice (judicial speaker verification)
  • Categorizing and distinguishing audio files based on the speaker’s voice
  • Higher security in access grant services
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