Update Date

Nevisa is the first Persian speech to text application developed by AGP, that allows user to convert their voice into text, using the latest in speech processing technology. This application can convert your voice into text with high speech and accuracy, using any known text editor.
This update is free for users of Nevisa version 3 and higher.

Users of Nevisa versions below 3, should contact 021 61931931 for further information.

  • Check for support course
  • Online notices and information for users
  • Online access in getting activation code
  • Use of user or manager password for network-based edition
  • No need to install virtual C++ anymore
  • Install file size reduced

Update Date

Ariana speech synthesis application allows developers and programmers to incorporate Persian speech synthesis features into their desired programs. For more information, please refer to www.farsireader.com.

  • 10.000 word Added
  • Cache improved and bugs fixed
  • CORS enabled and Javascript sample codes added
  • BASE64 coding ability is added to the sent text and received audio
  • Minor bug fixes in user vocabulary
  • ReadTextPlain method added for text to speech requests