Shiva: speech improvement system

Listening to recorded sounds in crowded and noisy environments with noise and sounds stored in telephones and wireless has always been a very difficult and annoying task, and sometimes the meaning of words and sentences in these sounds cannot be understood.

The Shiva speech improvement system is the first Persian system that can easily deliver noisy sounds and receive the desired sound quality.

The system can be used to improve the quality of recorded speech in meetings, lectures and classrooms.

This system can be provided on different platforms and developers can also use the product’s API.

Characteristics of Shiva


Support for all file types

Comprehensive support for various types of audio and video files


For Developers

Can be used as a module for special use by developers


High speed

High speed in processing and sending the output file


Optimal sound output

Good quality sound without noise

Shiva Capabilities

  • Use in saving the sound of telephone conversations
  • Improving the quality of conversations in the cockpit and Pilot Tower
  • Use in online educational systems to save audio
  • Use in improving the quality of recorded conversations in social networks
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