Niusha: Persian Interactive Voice Response System

Telephony systems and interactive voice response systems (IVRs) are tasked with giving various services and establish connections between customers and organizations. Niusha is the first Persian smart telephony system that includes services such as voice recognition, speaker authentication, and speech synthesis.

Niusha is available both in VoIP and telephone lines. Using speech processing capabilities can bring about significant improvement in the quality of service in companies and establishments, as well as a considerable drop in costs and time.


Niusha Capabilities


Niusha Applications

  • Speech-based automatic telephony secretary
  • Interactive phone response (IVR) systems
  • Telephone bank systems
  • Customer support systems and CRM
  • Telephony notice systems
  • Telephony educational systems
  • Medical and healthcare systems
  • Entertainment systems
  • Telephony forms and surveys
  • Telephony reservation systems (restaurants, concerts, trains, airplanes, etc.)

Distinguished Features

  • Eliminates complicated menus and speeds up the access to information via Nevisa speech recognition
  • Clear informing in automatic telephone systems via Ariana speech synthesis service
  • Cost reduction, due to eliminating the need to prepare pre-recorded voices to play
  • Speaker recognition and increased security in telephony systems
  • Facilitating customer contact, especially for disabled or the elderly
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Voice Command, Faster and More Secure Than Pushing a Button


All automatic telephone systems in the country are based on touch tone, requiring the users to push the buttons on their phone to communicate with the system. In these systems, information is categorized in various levels, and users are guided through such layers by pushing the buttons, which makes the call long and arduous. Additionally, passwords can be saved by phones while typing the key pad, and later used to breach security. Therefore, with the smart speech recognition services of Niusha, users only need to say what they need through their phones, and the system will quickly provide the answer.


Smart Telephone Banks


Banks provide a wide variety of their services through telephony systems. All phone bank systems in the country are based on touch tone, requiring the users to push the buttons on their phone to communicate with the system. With the speech recognition abilities of Niusha, users can speak and say their request, instead of typing a long sequence of numbers. Additionally, Ariana text to speech systems provides a wide variety of voices that the phone bank presents.

Niusha leverages Nevisa speech dictation system to translate the user’s voice into a text, representing their demand. For example, after reading their bank account number, users can ask the system to show their last three transactions.

Leveraging speech authentication technology, Niusha is able to verify the identity of the caller by their voice, and provide a higher level of security on top of conventional passwords.


Quran Automatic Telephone


One of the most important applications of smart speech processing is the Quran telephony system which can play Quran with voices of various readers over the phone. In the conventional touch tone mode, users call the service, and enter the number of Sura, verse, and the code of Qari in order to listen to Quran. If users are not aware the Qari code, they have to listen to a long and complicated manual.

AGP proposes Niusha as a practical solution to this problem. In the Quran smart telephone system, which leverages the latest in Persian speech processing technologies, users only need to pronounce the name of Sura, verse and the Qari, in order to listen to Quran.


Audio News Reader


Niusha is also a practical solution in facilitating telephony news dispensing. This system can gather all the news of the day, and read them over the phone for users. Callers can announce the specific subject they want to hear about, and its source, and the system will read all the news regarding that subject over the phone, using Ariana’s Persian speech synthesis system.


Niusha in VoIP (Niusha Net)


Niusha is a web-based telephony system, which allows us to convey multimedia information (audio or video) over the internet. On top of all conventional abilities of Niusha, Niusha Net has been equipped with various smart features that increase its speed and efficiency. Some of these features are:

  • Speech to text conversion and voice command recognition (Neivsa)
  • Persian speech synthesis (Ariana)
  • Speaker voice recognition (Shenasa)

Some of Niusha’s most important capabilities are as follwos:

  • Call center based on VoIP
  • Fax server
  • Telephony interactive voice response
  • Call queue
  • Telephony survey systems
  • Video conference
  • Free communications among branches of establishments within the city
  • Call recording
  • Communication over CMR

For more information, please contact the Persian VoIP group.

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